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Wellness Initiatives

It is the policy of the Board of Education of Community High School District 94 to develop a Wellness Plan and update it annually to provide a learning environment that supports and promotes wellness, good nutrition, and an active lifestyle and recognizes the positive relationship between good nutrition, physical activity and the capacity of students to develop and learn. To the extent possible, the school environment shall be aligned with healthy school goals to positively influence students’ beliefs and habits and promote health and wellness, good nutrition and regular physical activity. In addition, school staff shall be encouraged to model healthy eating and physical activity as a valuable part of daily life.

The purpose of this policy and Wellness Plan is to promote a school environment that supports student health and wellness, helps to reduce childhood obesity and meets the requirements of the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004 and the Illinois School Code. The Wellness Plan shall include goals for nutrition education, physical activity and other school-based activities designed to promote student wellness; nutrition guidelines for foods available during the school day; a plan for measuring implementation, with one or more persons charged with operational responsibility; and shall involve parents, students, school food service providers, the school board, school administrators, and the public in fulfilling this policy.

Further, the Wellness Plan shall be revised each year to reflect the continuing and new initiatives to be taken within the District and shall be maintained as a separate document available to interested parties. Its initiatives shall be communicated to staff, students and community as specified within the Plan.

Adopted: September 19, 2006