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STAR Program established in 1996


The STAR/GO Credit Recovery Program is an alternative education placement designed to assist students in recovering credit for a variety of reasons, including academic failure and truancy.

This program offers core courses as well as electives needed for graduation. Students may work in the traditional ‘packets’ or computer-based learning at a guided pace. This will ensure that the course is finished by the end of the semester. Most work is done in class but homework may be required.  Students may be enrolled in STAR for anywhere from one period per day up to their entire school day depending on the credit recovery and other needs of each individual student.  The schedule plan for each student is coordinated with the student, parent, school counselor, and STAR teacher so that an individual plan is in place depending on the student and his/her needs.

Students are required to complete the entire course in order to earn credit. Any student dropped from the program will NOT receive credit for the course in which he/she is enrolled. Students are expected to make progress throughout the semester. Classes are taught on an individualized independent study basis. Students and parents have full access to support staff as well as links to outside resources. Parental involvement is strongly encouraged.


The primary goal of the STAR/GO/Credit Recovery Program is to make up credit needed for graduation and to transition students back to the regular school program.  However, many students and parents request to remain in the program until graduation.

Space is limited in the STAR/GO/Credit Recovery Program. Any student who does not work during class time, has poor attendance, disruptive behavior or fails to make progress will be referred for additional or alternative supports, which may include removal from the program.

Nick Kempski STAR/GO Program/Credit Recovery Program Coordinator 
(630) 876-6256
Kirsten Vondrak
STAR Math Teacher 
Homebound coordinator
(630) 876-6416  
Brian Ricci
STAR Program/Credit Recovery Program Assistant
(630) 876-6464  
Shawn Summitt
Program Assistant-STAR Math
(630) 876-6416