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Special Education Students Launch "WeGo Tees"

On March 26, 2021, West Chicago Community High School Special Education Transition and DLP program students launched a t-shirt business: WeGo Tees! Due to COVID, many students have missed out on working in local business to learn and enhance skills.

Currently, WeGo Tees is working on a very special project. We are going to design and make the Wildcat Pride T-shirts for freshman orientation! The WeGo Tees team is very excited for this opportunity.

Students will be making t-shirts in-house for WCCHS sports and activities beginning in the fall. We do not plan on opening to organizations outside of the school until 2022-2023.

WeGo Tees is student-led business that designs, creates and delivers custom apparel for school-wide organizations, clubs and sports. WeGo Tees promotes inclusion, awareness, and acceptance by empowering students with disabilities to operate their own business. All WeGo Tees employees are students within the District 94 Transition and Developmental Learning Programs, and are growing their independence through authentic practice of vocational skills.

Watch their commercial here!


Inspired by students; powered by students    Students show off their "WeGo Tees" t-shirts.

Special Education teacher Jen Walker addresses the crowd.    Special Education teacher Katie Sullivan explains the t-shirt project.

Students watch a video about the t-shirt project.    The WeGo Tees commercial is watched for the first time.

A large crowd watches the WeGo tees commercial for the first time.