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January PAWS Awards Announced

Thirteen West Chicago Community High School (WCCHS) students were recently recognized for their successes and contributions to the school by earning the PAWS award for the month of January, 2020.

The PAWS award stands for Promoting Awareness of Wildcat Success. Faculty have an opportunity each month to recognize a student within their classes who has:

  • Demonstrated significant academic improvement
  • Made a unique or difficult contribution to a class, the school or the community
  • Overcome a significant challenge
  • Dealt maturely with a hardship
  • Improved the positive climate of the classroom or the school
  • Provided support for a peer

A maximum of two students may be selected from each division each month. 

Administrators and/or teachers delivered certificates to students at home, along with a small gift. The certificate included the name of the staff member who nominated them, and why they were nominated for this special award.

Students selected for the month of January, 2020 are:

Miguel Albor, Luis Alvarez, Yadira Barrera Arenas, Payton Arredondo, Luciana Balzner, Carlos Barrera, Leilani Cantu, Fernando Hernandez, Jorge Hernandez, Giovanni Jurado, Kimberly Mora Olivares, Maximiliano Sanchez, and Ethan Villano.