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Wego Radio Play

Wego Drama at West Chicago Community High School continues their 2020-21 special streaming “Intersections Performances” with their annual Radio Play. The suspenseful show, mean to be listened to like old-time radio dramas, will be streamed at 7 p.m. on Feb. 19 & 20 at

The company of actors and crew for the show includes from Carol Stream: Maggie Hancock, Caitlin Harding, and Kathryn Wenberg.

From West Chicago: Alex Bradley, Ava Fini, Vinny Lamantia, Vincent Ross, Ryley Salazar, and Katherine Vander Plaats.

From Winfield: Justin Blackburn, Hannah Brown, Carolyn Fleming, Elizabeth Hurley, Leah Moffat, Elizabeth Ryan, and Jazmin Wilkins.

Student director is Justin Blackburn. The show is sponsored by Mark Begovich.  Sound design, technical direction, and editing is by Chris Jensen.

For more information, contact Mark Begovich at or visit