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Math Team Scores Big At North Suburban Math League

Congratulations to the WCCHS Math Team!

In the North Suburban Mathematics League Meet on Sept. 26, the Junior Team took First Place overall in the meet! Team members are Emily Ayala, Payton Campbell, Brock Ullman, Matt Stavenger, Chris Champagne, Gio Zavalza, Maxwell Harris, Eve Linden, and Charles Cardenas.

Steven Demma scored his highest oral score this far in his role as oralist and took 2nd place.

The Math Team took 3rd overall, and achieved its highest Meet 1 point total ever with a total of 115 points scored. Remaining team members are: Alec Renwick, David Fatheree, Marianne Hernandez, Heather Truong, Oscar Almonte, Martin Oropeza, Daniel Eaton, Rydell Salazar, Charlene Bahnfleth, Cecilia Santiago, Jack Riconosciuto, Aaron Linden, Rafael Rotger, Miguel Garcia, Gannon Hosticka, and David Hansen.

Last year, the Math Team scored an overall 461 points in the North Suburban Math League (a total of 5 meets) and they are looking to improve on that total this year as well! The next meet is October 30. Watch for more news on this team!

The team is coached by Charles Vokes and Bev Kilgallen.

Junior win 1st place North Suburban Math League     Steve Demma 2nd Place oralist.

Juniors took 1st Place overall!                                          Steve Demma took 2nd Place as oralist.

Math Team 2019 earned 3rd place in North Suburban Math League Sept. 26.

Math Team took 3rd Place!