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Nominations Accepted for 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award

Community High School District 94 is seeking nominees for its 2019 Distinguished Alumni award, sponsored by the Community High School District 94 Educational Foundation. The purpose of the program is to recognize West Chicago Community High School graduates whose accomplishments serve as an inspiration for current students to dream and achieve.

A nominee must be a graduate of West Chicago Community High School at least 10 years prior to nomination, and be distinguished by accomplishments in academics, the arts, athletics, business, community service, the environment, human rights, justice, medicine, research, or science that inspire others to dream and achieve. Nominees must demonstrate a strength of character and service to humanity that goes beyond the boundary of career; be available by phone, email, or in-person for interview by the Selection Committee; and attend  the Distinguished Alumni Award ceremony and interact with WCCHS students in a class forum, seminar, or assembly.


2008     Kirk Johnson                Class of 1998                Human Rights

2009     Pam Kuhl Davis            Class of 1967                Justice

2010     Michael Lach                Class of 1986                Education

            Tom Marziani               Class of 1943                Entrepreneurship

2011     Butch Hansen               Class of 1955                Education

            Scott Dierking               Class of 1973                Athletics

2014     Beth Barrett                  Class of 1986                Visual Arts      

2015     Ray Stejskal                  Class of 1982                Community Service

2016     Chris Voelz                   Class of 1966                 Athletics

2018     Bruce Guevara              Class of 2006                 Entrepreneurship

            Dr. Don Stockton          Class of 1979                  Academic Leadership


Nominations may be submitted online, via email or regular mail by May 1, 2019. To nominate a graduate of WCCHS for consideration, visit

Questions may be answered by calling Sherry Bowne at (630) 890-9716.