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Abby Carr is December Academic Achiever

West Chicago Community High School has selected senior Abby Carr as Academic Achiever for the month of December, 2018.

With a cumulative weighted GPA of 5.551, Carr has one of the top 10 GPAs among senior students at West Chicago Community High School. She has been on High Honor Roll every semester of her high school career. Carr is an Illinois State Scholar, a member of National Honor Society and the Foreign Language Honor Society.

Well versed in balancing academic excellence and participation in extracurricular activities, Carr has an extensive involvement background. She is involved in WeGo Drama, Tech Crew, Speech Team, Choir, Math Team, Student Council, Film Club, Tabletop Club, and served as a leader in Snowball.

When asked what she is most proud of in her achievements at WCCHS, Carr says, “ I’m most proud of my achievements in both Drama and Snowball. Drama has been my long-time achievement at the high school, being a part of most productions since freshman year, and achieving the position of VP of Events, a role demanding responsibility and reasonable dedication. In addition, my role as leader of Snowball senior year is also an achievement I am proud of due to the deep respect I hold for the program and its community values.”

When asked what strategies or tools she uses to balance her time, Carr mentions, “Keeping an organized planner – knowing deadlines and event dates greatly improves the chances I’ll be ready. Also, I always try to use those little bits of extra time in a day:  5 minutes to write assignments in my planner or 10 minutes to look over a worksheet.”

Carr’s advice for future WCCHS students is, “Get involved. Try new things; just because you try something doesn’t mean you have to stick with it forever so take the chance to find out what you like. An added bonus is meeting all of the new people in activities.”

After graduation, and although still awaiting admission decisions, Carr plans to attend college for Data Science, a continuation of her love for statistics, computer science, and analytics.

Abby Carr

Abby Carr