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2018 CHSD94 Inspirational Educators

This morning, May 10, we honored the 2018 Inspirational Educators chosen by the senior Class of 2018. They are:

John Chisholm - Teacher, Social Studies
Tara Deleon - Teacher, Language Arts
Anna Fulmer - Teacher, Science
Beth Govertsen - Teacher, Spanish
Maggie Haas - Teacher, Social Studies
Dave Jennings - Teacher, Language Arts
Nick Kempski - Teacher, AVID
Bev Kilgallen - Teacher, Mathematics
Dr. Hank Murphy - Teacher, Science
Brittany Nelson - Teacher, Spanish
Anne Marie Salazar - Teacher, Spanish

Students presenting the awards were:

Jeremy Belingon
Laura Katarzynksi
Meagan Koester
Luke Madden
Catherine Miller
Jessica Morrow
Elizabeth Nava
Sean Renwick
Kyra Saflarski
Virali Shah
Arelinda Vargas

Students in the senior class were able to nominate two teachers who have inspired them; one must be from their freshman - junior years. Below are just a few of the many comments by our students stating why they chose a particular teacher:

Anna Fulmer - She is one of the best teachers I have ever had in high school. She takes the time to make sure her students actually understand everything she teaches, and if anyone needs help, she'll make sure she has the time to help them. She's a really understanding teacher who makes class fun, which is the kind of teacher I aspire to be in the future.

Anne Marie Salazar - There are times when a student just needs someone that believes in you and that you can rely on. Mrs. Salazar is one of the teachers that believes that everyone can reach their potential. She is one of the few teachers that interacts with the students beyond just teaching, she is caring and finds ways to push and help every student be successful.

Dave Jennings - Best teacher to understand the struggles of being a student AND incorporates that in his lesson plans which ultimately make having any class of his a great experience. The real life connection to what we're being taught is always there.

Dr. Hank Murphy - Dr. Murphy has been one of the best teachers I've had here at wego. I'm a student in his human anatomy class who is planning on majoring in nursing in college and this class has helped prepare me so much. His teaching is phenomenal. Not only do I feel prepared for the anatomy related courses I will be taking, but I also feel prepared for what to expect in college and my career field. He prepares his students very well and offers helpful advice on how to go about in the future.

John Chisholm - Mr Chisholm was one of the most inspiring teachers I have ever had. I came into his class not really enjoying history, but taking it for the AP credit, but I left an avid history fan. He inspired me to study and research so much that I managed to score a 4 on the AP US History test.

Nick Kempski - Mr. Kempski is always willing to help students not only with the college process and preparing them for the future, but also with personal issues. He is someone many students often go to with help with making decisions and advice for post-secondary education. He has done a lot for students to feel confident and help them be successful after high school.

Brittany Nelson - Mrs. Nelson is one of my favorite teachers at West Chicago. She is always happy and brightens my day. She cares so much about her students and wants to see them succeed. Mrs. Nelson is an amazing role model for students at WeGo.

Congratulations to these inspirational educators!!

2018 CHSD94 Inspirational Educators