Technology Department

The Technology Department at District 94 provides technology support to staff and students on school technology software and initiatives.  This department also maintains all of the school technology equipment such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, printers, and servers.

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Management Information Systems (MIS) Department

The MIS Department provides accurate, reliable and scalable use of District data predominantly pertaining to State mandated reporting and student records. Database design, modification and utilization are key functions of the department. Staff members are responsible for the collection, processing and analysis of data; report generation; maintenance of historic records; PowerSchool training; issuing ID cards; master scheduling; data mining; and responding to inquiries from students, parents, district staff and outside agencies. 

Technology Department Staff

Joe Neilon
Director of Technology
(630) 876-6393
Bob Schmidt 
Technology Network Engineer
(630) 876-6557
Doug Cefala
Technology Technician
(630) 876-6397
Mike Stoner
Technology Assistant
(630) 876-6396 

Management Information Systems (MIS) Staff

Beth Hunter
(630) 876-6228
Beth Schuck
Database Administrator
(630) 876-6227
Denyse Christensen
(630) 876-6240
Amanda Lane
(630) 876-6266
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