• West Chicago Community High School District 94 does not filter student Chromebooks when students are not on campus.  There are many options for home internet filtering.  West Chicago Community High School District 94 has not tested these services.  Please understand that these are third party resources and the inclusion of these resources on our website does not imply full endorsement of their content.
    Both types of system types suggested below do not require any software or apps to be installed on the student devices.  However, filtering will only occur while the student is using the home network.  
    There are many free services that offer generic adult content filtering but they lack customization options. These systems require a small configuration change on the home router.  Some of the services offer paid tiers with some additional configuration options.
    For increased reporting and control over what apps, websites, and devices are monitored and restricted, we recommend a hub/proxy service.  These systems allow much more granular control over what is and is not blocked and also offer much better reporting of internet access.