Student Resource Center

  • The Student Resource Center, located in the LRC,  is a program that is designed to help students achieve their full potential as a student. Our goal is to help enhance their skills to be the most successful students they can be as they move throughout their high school career.  Each day focuses on a skill that students will need to be successful during their high school years and beyond. After the opening lesson, students transition into a 40 minute highly structured study time where planners are checked and used as their Current Work Plan for the Day.
    Daily Lesson Schedule:
    1. Monday - Organizing Day
    2. Tuesday -  Full Study
    3. Wednesday - Missing Work Plan/Retake Checks/Teacher Emailing    
    4. Thursday -  Full Study
    5. Friday - Weekly Grade Tracking, G.P.A. and S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting
    During the structured study time, students receive assistance on their homework and have their grades monitored daily to help keep them on track. They are encouraged to make corrections on homework and prepare to retake tests and quizzes to improve their scores. Once all homework is complete, students are expected to work through an After Homework Checklist to further their student skills. All lessons and activities are done using websites, Google Forms and Google Classroom on student Chromebooks. Students are recommended for this program by their counselors and current teachers. Successful completion of the requirements of the program will result in students earning a .5 elective credit per semester enrolled.  Students have the opportunity to work one-on-one with peer tutors for more individualized assistance when available and the class size does not exceed twenty-two students for the freshman/sophomore room (room 213A) and 10 students for the junior/senior room (room 213B).