Language Arts

WCCHS Summer Reading for the summer of 2016

All students participate in the
WEGO Summer Reading Program.
Information and resources are available on the left sidebar and are linked below. Each student should follow the expectations for his or her course and grade level as appropriate.
Please contact language arts division chair, Mary Howard, at with questions. 
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 Language Arts 
Students enroll in a full year of English each year they are in attendance at West Chicago Community High School. The courses taught in the language arts division promote reading, writing, speaking, and listening skill growth through the use of inquiry-based conceptual units. Students read texts from a variety of genres including fiction, non-fiction, drama, and poetry and analyze and discuss these texts as part of a larger inquiry about questions regarding justice, dystopian control, etc. or disciplinary concepts such as satire or the reliability of narrators. English classes at WCCHS also focus on developing a student's ability to write formal arguments and conduct mini-research into controversial topics. A third primary focus includes formal and informal speaking and listening growth. Students recite poetry, engage in Socratic discussions and formally debate. Daily participation in class is vital. The curriculum for core courses is written to align to the Common Core State Standards
Mary Howard
Division Chair
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Shannon Atkian-Sanchez
English 1 Team
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Mark Begovich
Honors and Senior Teams
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Amanda Cordes
English 2 and Senior Teams
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Jen Culbertson

English 1Team

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Jamie Culen
Enriched English Teams 
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Tara Deleon
English 2 and Senior Teams
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Kyle Etheridge
English 2 and Enriched Teams
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Mary Fremeau
English 1 Team
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Dave Jennings
Enriched English and Senior Teams
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Erik Kearney 
English 3 and Honors Teams
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Laura Kuehn
English 3 and Senior Teams
Journalism Production
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Brad Larson
Senior Team
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Paul Lichy
English 3 and Senior Teams
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Nicole Osborne
Honors Team
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Lauren Stewart
English 1 and Honors Team
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Brian Turnbaugh
Honors and Studies Teams
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Katie Wood
Honors and Studies Teams
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