Bilingualism Brings Opportunity!
    The World Language Department at Community High School considers practical language use to be its foremost goal, offering German, French, Spanish, and Spanish for Native Speakers courses.

    Exchange Programs

    In an attempt to bring the culture of the target languages closer to our students, the department has established exchange programs with Costa Rica, France, Germany and Spain. Students can travel and/or host visitors from the culture of their language study. This brings the target language and culture into focus, not just for the students involved in the exchanges, but also to the school community at large. Visitors to our school speak in many classes throughout the building and provide a glimpse of the larger world to the school as a whole.

    English as a Second Language

    The ESL/ Bilingual Education program is designed for students whose primary language is one other than English. The goal of the program is to provide students with sufficient English skills to facilitate movement into the mainstream and be able to function in a competitive academic environment.
    Placement in the specific courses is based upon the recommendations of the ESL Director, the counselor, teachers, staff, and ACCESS tests.