• Mission Statement 

    The mission of the West Chicago Community High School Counseling department is to teach, nurture, and inspire all students with a comprehensive and proactive school counseling curriculum.  This curriculum fosters a growth mindset, builds emotional intelligence, and encourages world awareness and involvement.  Further, it insists that every student be ethically responsible and have a realistic and viable post-secondary plan upon graduation.  School counselors advocate for equity, access, and student success by identifying and addressing barriers, encouraging self-advocacy, accountability, and promoting the development of citizenship that embraces integrity and character.
    Keely Hanley-Anshel
    Division Head of Counseling
    (630) 876-6306 
    Jackie Goti
    Administrative Assistant to the Counseling Department (Bilingual)
    (630) 876-6305
    Barbara Brennan (BB)
    School Counselor
    (630) 876-6314 
    Gavin Engel (GE)
    School Counselor
    (630) 876-6309
    Julie Hensley (JH)
    School Counselor
    Social Media
    (630) 876-6315
    Tracy Eier (TE)
    School Counselor
    Financial Aid
    (630) 876-6308
    Mary Roley (MR)
    School Counselor
    College Planning
    (630) 876-6586
    Maria Navarro (MN)
    School Counselor (Bilingual)
    PSAT/College Testing 
    (630) 876-6312 
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