Art Department

  • The Art Department offers students the opportunity to explore their creativity, develop an understanding and appreciate for multiple forms of art, and learn how to effectively evaluate works of art.  There are several different types of art to choose from: drawing, painting, sculpture, clay, or computers.  There is also Art Club open for all students, even if not currently in an Art class!
    Students of all ability levels are encouraged to enroll in an Art class!
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Humanities Division
  • Lisa Willuweit
    Humanities Division Head
    (630) 876-6450 
    Megan Dulkinys
    Ceramics 1 & 2, Advanced Ceramics, Digital Photography 1 and 2
    (630) 876-6408
    David Exner
    Ceramics 1, Drawing 1 & 2, 3D Art 1 & 2, Graphic Art, Studio Art
    (630) 876-6407