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    Dueling Pianos

    Dueling Pianos Fundraiser

    August 4, 2018 

    $40.00 per person

    Purchase tickets here


    The Community High School Educational Foundation is dedicated to the educational excellence of all WCCHS students.
    The MISSION of the Educational Foundation is to support education initiatives that enhance, enrich and drive sustainable lifelong learning.
    Our VISION is that the Educational Foundation will impact the educational process by funding innovative projects with the support of the community.
    GIFTS/MEMORIALS:  The Educational Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer organization. Make a tax deductible donation here.
    Our activities include:

    Need a great gift for a WeGo alumni?

    WCCHS Mugs- $15 each
    12 oz. navy w/powder blue/white
    Mugs must be picked up at: Community High School District 94
    Administrative Center
    157 W. Washington Street
    West Chicago, IL  60185
    or they can be shipped for an additional $5 each.
    to purchase - put "Mug" in the subject line.
    Hurry - supplies are limited!

  • Ren Hughes, President
    Director Since:  2003
    Term Ends:  2021
    Dennis Hughes, Vice President
    Director Since: 2014
    Term Ends:  2020
    Brian Beerman, Treasurer
    Director Since:  2011
    Term Ends:  2020 
    Patti R. Kozlowski, Secretary
    Director Since:  2010
    Term Ends:  2020
    Frank Lenertz
    Director Since:  2010
    Term Ends:  2019
    Ronald T. Segert
    Director Since:  2016
    Term Ends:  2019 
    Chuck Strayve 
    Director Since:  2016
    Term Ends:  2020
    Non-Voting Directors
    Dr. Douglas Domeracki, Superintendent
    Director Since:  2014
    Term Ends:  N/A
    Gary Saake, Board of Education
    Director Since:  2018
    Term Ends:  N/A