• Science courses will provide investigative experiences that require careful observations,collection and evaluation of data, and formation of conclusions. Science is not only a body of knowledge but a mindset used to better understand our biological and physical worlds. Regardless of the courses of study taken during four years, all students will practice Science by
    1. Asking questions and defining problems
    2. Developing and using models
    3. Planning and carrying out investigations
    4. Analyzing and interpreting data
    5. Using mathematics and computational thinking
    6. Constructing explanations and designing solutions
    7. Engaging in argument from evidence
    8. Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information
     (NGSS Science and Engineering Practices)
  • WeGo STEM Information


    Join the WeGo STEM Google Classroom to keep current with all the opportunities available for you to experience--many for free.  Learn about speakers, conferences, fieldtrips, events, community service, camps, scholarships, internships, jobs, and more!  WeGo STEM is for all Wildcat students--we encourage every student to join. 

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  • Science Curriculum Day Presentation

    The powerpoint will describe WCCHS' Science courses and the most common pathways used to select courses.  The powerpoint also highlights examples of jobs from different science career fields (linked in orange.)  Each link will lead to a webpage with information about that specific career for further investigation.  These linked webpages are outside of District 94's network.   
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  • Science Course List for 2017-2018

    Science courses being offered for 2017-2018 are listed with prerequisites.  For more information regarding a course, please do one of the following:

    1.  Read more detailed information in the Curriculum Handbook

    2.  Speak to your current Science teacher

    3.  Make an appointment to speak to your guidance counselor

    4.  For Science Electives, see the Science Electives form below.

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  • Science Electives 2017-2018

    This document will provide a brief overview of the electives choices that are available in addition to Biology, Chemistry, and Physics classes.  Please read the information regarding Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses closely.  If you have questions, please see the following for more information.

    1.  The Curriculum Handbook

    2.  Speak to your current Science teacher

    3.  Make an appointment to speak to your guidance counselor

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  • Science Safety Contract - Spanish

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