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Naming/Renaming School Facility Petition

Community High School District 94 policy 4:150, Facility Management and Building Programs, provides information and direction about the naming/renaming of District facilities.  The Board of Education is solely responsible for the naming/renaming of facilities.  Any request to name/rename a facility must use the Naming/Renaming of Facilities Petition Form, completed in its entirety, and then submitted to the Board for its consideration and approval.


Per Board policy 4:150, “the Board’s primary consideration will be to select a name that enhances the credibility and stature of the school, building, etc.”  In addition, requests to name/rename facilities should be made for individuals “who have honored the District’s Mission Statement and had direct, substantial, and active involvement and association with the high school and/or District 94.  The selection may be based on an individual’s record of accomplishment, achievements, contributions, scholarship, creativity, leadership, humanitarian service, and/or public service to District 94 and its community, high school, state, and/or nation.”

Naming/Renaming Facilities Petition Form