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Political Spectrum

The political spectrum is a term used to refer to the differences in ideology between the major political parties in the United States. Those ideas normally ascribed to the democratic party are referred to as being to the "left" of the political spectrum. Ideas associated with the republican party are often referred to as being to the "right" of the political spectrum. Many individuals have ideas on both sides of the spectrum, but generally gravitate to one side more than the other. References of people being "to the left" or "to the right" can be traced back to the French Revolution, where those deemed "conservative" sat to the right of the legislative assembly and those labeled "liberal" sat to the left. Take a look at the characteristics below that are important to the left and the right and see what you agree with.

Left Characteristics | Right Characteristics

Conservative vs Liberal Beliefs 

Check out the online tests below to determine where you stand:

I Side With

On the Issues Quiz

People's Press/Pew Research Center

Shortest Test

What is your political DNA?

Check the links below to see the views of the left and the right on some of today's hottest issues:


Democratic Party Platform

Gun Control

No Censorship



Republican Party Platform

Anti-Flag Buring

United Nation Membership

School Vouchers

Prisons Should Punish

Anti-Gun Control

Pro-Life (Abortion)