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Scrapbook Assignment Requirements

Scrapbook Assignment Requirements

Each student will complete and submit an independent Exploratory Health Project. The project will be counted towards the final semester grade. This project will take the form of a collection of 20 health-related articles and summaries pertaining to those articles. Five articles and summaries will be collected on four (4) different dates during the semester. The instructor will inform you of the exact dates during the first week of class.

Articles submitted must be current (within the current calendar year) and may not be duplicated. Articles may be found in newspapers, magazines or health periodicals. A maximum of ten (10) articles may be submitted from the internet. Each article must be cut out and placed into a book/binder/folder. Each scrapbook will have the title, source, author, date and summary of each article in the front of the scrapbook. Summaries of all articles will be 4 to 5 sentences in length. All articles will be numbered and placed in the back of the book. Pages of the scrapbook should also be numbered in sequential order. A table of contents will be placed in the front of the scrapbook to indicate where each article and summary can be found and for overall organization. Articles may be on any health related topic.