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The Community High School Educational Foundation is dedicated to the educational excellence of all WCCHS students.

  The MISSION of the Educational Foundation is to support education initiatives that enhance, enrich and drive sustainable lifelong learning.   Our VISION is that the Educational Foundation will impact the educational process by funding innovative projects with the support of the community.  

GIFTS/MEMORIALS:  The Educational Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer organization. Make a tax deductible donation here.  

Our activities include:

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Dennis Hughes, President Email Director Since: 2014 Term Ends:  2023
Ren Hughes, VP Emeritus 
Director Since:  2003 Term Ends:  2024
Susan Junkroski, Secretary Email Director Since:  2019 Term Ends:  2025 
Sandy Guzman, Treasurer  Email Director Since:  2023 Term Ends:  2026
Chuck Strayve  Email
Director Since:  2016 Term Ends:  2026 
Lisa Welz Email Director Since:  2018 Term Ends:  2024  
Greg Bodin  Email Director Since:  2023 Term Ends:  202x  
Steve Beles Email Director Since:  2023 Term Ends:  202x  
Scottie Turney  Email Director Since: 2023 Term Ends:  202x        
Non-Voting Directors   
John R. Langton
Co-Interim Superintendent
Director Since:  2023 Term Ends:  N/A
Attila J. Weninger, Ph.D.
Co-Interim Superintendent
Director Since:  2023 Term Ends:  N/A