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Ashley Klauss
Tracy Lukas

Mission Statement 

The mission of the West Chicago Community High School Counseling department is to teach, nurture, and inspire all students with a comprehensive and proactive school counseling curriculum.  This curriculum fosters a growth mindset, builds emotional intelligence, and encourages world awareness and involvement.  Further, it insists that every student be ethically responsible and have a realistic and viable post-secondary plan upon graduation.  School counselors advocate for equity, access, and student success by identifying and addressing barriers, encouraging self-advocacy, accountability, and promoting the development of citizenship that embraces integrity and character.

WEGO Post Secondary Planning Website

Visit the WEGO Post Secondary Planning Website HERE

The WEGO counseling team is available to support students and families through the post-high school planning process. This website is a compilation of resources to help students create a post-secondary plan. Counselors will also meet with students in person to provide resources that will support students' exploration and research. 

Tweets by WCCHS_StuServ

Keely Hanley-Anshel Division Head of Counseling
(630) 876-6306   
Jackie Reese Administrative Assistant to the Counseling Department (Bilingual)
(630) 876-6305  
Barbara A. Brennan (BB)
School Counselor Scholarships
(630) 876-6314   
Gavin Engel (GE)
School Counselor Careers
(630) 876-6309  
Julie Hensley (JH)
School Counselor Social Media 
(630) 876-6315   
Tracy Lukas (TL)
School Counselor Financial Aid
(630) 876-6308  
Jennifer Gawenda (JG) School Counselor  College Planning
(630) 876-6318  
Maria Navarro (MN)
School Counselor (Bilingual)
PSAT/College Testing
(630) 876-6312   
Ashley Klauss (AK)
School Counselor 
(630) 876-6316  
Gerardo Tovar (bilingual)
School Counselor 
(630) 876-6317    
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