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Construction - Referendum Phase 1 2018

Referendum Funds - Phase 1 - Summer 2018

The first phase of the projects using the funds from the April, 2017 Bond Referendum were completed during the summer of 2018. Among the work completed was the replacement of air handler units originally installed as part of the 1965 and 1978 additions, as well as a new building control system. Plumbing and other infrastructure upgrades completed the behind the scenes work.

Changes that are more visible to visitors included replacing all of the lighting in the athletic facilities with LEDs, the renovation of the pool entrance and lobby area, the total renovation of the girl’s pool locker room, and the replacement of the 1970’s era bleachers in Bishop Gym, the small gym, and the pool.

The final upgrade was replacing the lighting and sound systems in Weyrauch Auditorium.

The total cost of these projects is estimated at $7,845,000.

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