• Naviance

    This online tool is used by the School Counselor and the student to complete college and career exploration activities during freshman, sophomore, and junior year. Seniors utilize it with college applications, sending transcripts, syncing with Common App, requesting letters of recommendation, and other post-secondary plans.  Naviance’s web based career planning program provides assessments, databases, and curriculums which will guide students toward making informed decisions about planning an education and a career. Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness resource that assists students in recognizing their strengths and interests in relation to postsecondary goals.  It also improves student outcomes and connects learning to life.  

    Students of all grade levels are encouraged to utilize this tool. Click on the link below!
    Username = XXXXX@students.d94.org (X's = D94 student ID #)
    Password = XXXXXXXX (X's = D94 student network / Power School password with 94 at the end)
    Below are some useful videos and documents to help students and parents get started using Naviance.