Financial Information

  • With a successful referendum, here is how District 94 will allocate the funds:

    Projected Costs
    Replace Mechanical Systems ($20.5M)
    Air conditioning/Air handlers
    Boilers/high efficiency boilers
    Cold, hot and hot water piping
    Fieldhouse air handlers
    Freight elevator replacement
    Heating hot water and chilled water pumps
    HVAC isolation valves
    Low fieldhouse roof
    Learning Resource Center roof
    Plumbing isolation valves
    Pool area roof
    Rooftop HVAC systems
    Sanitary and stormwater waste and vent piping
    Sound system replacement
    Stage lighting replacement
    Standby generator
    Temperature controls
    Water heat exchangers
    Water pressure booster pumps
    Renovate Existing Spaces ($8.4M)
    1926 floor structure 
    1926 /1955 building renovations
    1926/1955 addition window replacement
    1926/1955 addition LED lighting
    Auditorium renovation
    Auditorium house lighting to LED
    Bishop gym bleacher replacement
    Cafeteria renovation completion
    Fieldhouse and pool clerestory window replacement
    Drama room and prop shop
    Football field turn replacement
    Learning Resource Center renovation
    Learning Resource Center window replacement
    Small gym bleacher replacement
    South tennis court reconstruction
    Track re-surfacing
    Increase Instructional Space ($8.6M)
    Second floor addition over 1999 addition
    What if the referendum doesn't pass?
    Taxpayers will see a reduction of approximately $94 for every $100,000 in home value.