• Phase III - Summer 2016 

    Phase III of the master facility capital plan began right after Memorial Day, 2016. Estimated to cost approximately $5 million, it is the largest project of the past 3 summers. 

    This summer’s target is the portion of the school that was constructed in 1965, now housing math and science classrooms. The first noticeable change will be the installation of floor to ceiling windows on the east ends of the main hallways on both the first and second floors, bringing in much needed natural light, and changing the look of the building facade on the outside.

    In all, 14 science rooms and 16 math rooms will receive makeovers. Some science rooms will include furniture on wheels to allow for flexible placement and grouping of tables for demonstrations and projects. And near the science rooms will be an open space that can be used as a classroom for special projects or presentations. A large component of the work is what you won’t see; necessary heating and cooling, plumbing, and electrical upgrades. 

    Other facets of this summer’s project include renovation work in the students cafeteria and serving lines. 

    The calendar for both the 15-16 and 16-17 school years were modified to create a very long summer for this massive construction project. School ends before Memorial Day this spring, and does not begin again until after Labor Day.

    Architect renderings of the upgrades can be found here.
  • Photos of the construction are in the galleries below. Older photos are at the end - so to see where we started, scroll to the right. Hover over each photo to see the caption. To stop the slide show and view each picture individually, click the pause button on the right side of the picture gallery.