• Phase II - Summer 2015 

    Phase II of the capital plan, approximately 12,000 square feet of space, was remodeled during the summer of 2015.
    Work began during the last week of school in the former administrative office area just off of Commons at Entrance H. The entire area was gutted, making way for a new Student Services Center that will include the counselors, social workers, psychologists, deans, and school resource officers. Previously these staff members were scattered throughout the building in various locations. This change was made specifically to help students and parents connect to resources in a "one stop shop" environment. Entrance H was reconfigured as well. As parents and visitors arrive, they are now greeted by a receptionist. The receptionist directs the visitor to the appropriate staff member. 
    Another addition to this area, accessible through Commons, is a College and Career Center. Students are able to visit this area during lunch or study hall periods to explore college and career options. On the north side of Commons, in the area that previously housed the counselors, is now a Student Activity Center. Students are able to meet in the Center's conference room, learn about activities and clubs offered at the school, and visit the student run bookstore. 
    The Nurse's Office was relocated near Entrance A.
    Photos of the construction are in the galleries below. Older photos are at the end - so to see where we started, scroll to the right. Hover over each photo to see the caption. To stop the slide show and view each picture individually, click the pause button on the right side of the picture gallery.

Construction Photos 7-15-15 to 8-12-15

Construction Photos 6-16-15 to 7-8-15