Employee Access




    Skyward houses our dedicated HR and Finance database which makes it very important for all employees to keep the information in this system up-to-date.
    Fields you can access on your Personal Information screen include:
    • Phone/Cell Number
    • Race/Ethnicity
    • Address
    To review/update your Personal Information:
    1.  Click here to access the login page for Skyward Employee Access.
    2.  Login using your network username/password.
    3.  Click on the Employee Information menu at the top of the page.
    4.  Select Personal Information from the menu options.
    5.  To change the name of your Spouse, Phone/Cell number or Race/Ethnicity, click on Request Changes.
    6.  To change your address, click on the Address link on the left side of the page.
    7.  Select Request Changes to the right of the Primary address field.
    All name changes must be submitted in writing to Lynn Boothe in Human Resources at lboothe@d94.org.


    1.  Your assignment for the current school year can be found by selecting Assignments under the Personnel Section.
    2.  After selecting Assignments, click once on the small arrow to the left of your position title.
    3.  Select Expand All to display your position information, assignment information, term, salary, and payroll details.
    New to Employee Access is an Assignment Summary PDF that summarizes your assignment information for the current school year.  Click here for step-by-step instructions on accessing this information.


    Your individual calendar is available for viewing.  Click here for instructions on how to access your work calendar.


    To access your paycheck information for the current pay period or to retrieve a copy of a paycheck from previous payrolls:
    1.  Login to Skyward Employee Access
    2.  In the Payroll section of Employee Information, click once on Checks
    3.  A list of paychecks will display with the most recent at the top
    4.  Click once on the Check Number of the pay check you wish to access
    5.  Click once on the Show Check button on the right side of the screen to view your check details
    Note:  All paychecks issued since July 15, 2010, are available through this interface.  To see your complete check history, increase the number of records to display in the drop down menu located in the lower left corner of the page.   If you need access to a paycheck from before July 15, 2010, please contact Carole DeRidder at 630-876-6224 or cderidder@d94.org
    The payroll section of Employee Access also gives you access to view your W2 and W4 information.
    If you need to change your withholdings, complete new W4s and submit them to Carole DeRidder in payroll.