Mathematics Division

The Mathematics staff are committed to offering courses that allow students to satisfy and exceed school and state graduation requirements, as well as to build a rich understanding and appreciation of mathematics. Because math is vital to the development of thinking and questioning minds, we stress the need for all students to discover and appreciate mathematical ideas. There are classes available to students of all abilities and grades, as well as opportunities to advance within the math sequence. Mathematics is vital to students leaving high school to enter college, the work force, or any future aspirations. Courses range from Principles of Algebra through Advanced Placement Calculus BC. We want to help students to stretch to their fullest potential so that they can become problem solvers and critical thinkers. The Mathematics curricula is currently in the process of alignment to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS) including the Standards for Mathematical Practices.

For more information regarding the CCSS, please visit
More information regarding the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practices can be found on the following two documents.
Stephen Balhan
Division Head
(630) 876-6410 
Patricia Arnold
Algebra/Calculus Teacher
(630) 876-6417 
Gwen Geiger
Algebra Teacher
(630) 876-6411
Jennifer Gyles-Bedford
Algebra Teacher
(630) 876-6424
Aaron Hayes
Algebra Teacher
(630) 876-6413
Kristen Isacson
Geometry Teacher
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Beverly Kilgallen
Algebra/Pre-Calculus Teacher
(630) 876-6420
Eva Komaniecki
Algebra/Geometry Teacher
(630) 876-6418
Kristina Mallon
Algebra/Statistics Teacher
(630) 876-6422
Barbi Mathews
Algebra Teacher
(630) 876-6415
Eduardo Montoya
Algebra/Geometry Teacher
(630) 876-6590
Diana Palka
Geometry Teacher
(630) 876-6427
Lynn Peto
Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry Teacher
(630) 876-6501
Amanda Slobodecki
Algebra/Statistics Teacher
(630) 876-6369
Michele Torres
Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry Teacher
(630) 876-6421 
Charles Vokes
Algebra Teacher 
(630) 876-6426
Kirsten Vondrak
Geometry Teacher
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