• Technical Support Internship (TSI) 

    Welcome to the TSI program webpage! Our goal is to educate students on how to handle, repair, and maintain Chromebooks, along with learning how to communicate and work in a business environment. Students and their peers will also be able to work alongside our staff and district technicians to gain valuable knowledge that can be applied in future careers. Students will be able to earn mastery badges to prove their knowledge of the inner workings of the Chromebook and once students have progressed from Chromebooks they can move on to working on Dell towers and how they are similar to the Chromebooks. Students will be rotated between a variety of jobs dealing with different skills, ranging from customer service to technician repairs. As the year progresses, students will be able to earn certifications in Outlook, Office, Excel, and various other Microsoft programs, which they can put on their resumes.

    We are excited about offering this service to our staff and students as well as the learning experience our students are receiving by being enrolled in TSI.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the field of Computer Support Specialist will grow by 17% by 2022.  We anticipate some of our students will pursue this field, and when they do we’ll be proud they got their start in the Career & Technical Education Division at West Chicago Community High School!