• Technical Support Internship (TSI) 

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    The 2015-2016 school year is underway and with it a new era of student learning has begun at West Chicago Community High School.  Each student now has a Chromebook to be used inside and outside of the classroom to enhance learning.   The Information & Technology Division has embraced the addition of Chromebooks to our school and are providing support for students and staff that need technical assistance.   Seventy-five students are currently enrolled in Technical Support Internship (TSI) and serve as the first line of service for any Chromebook issues.  These students will be working a rotation of Help Desk, Independent Projects (in Coding, Computer Hardware/Repair, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, and Networking), and Technician as they diagnose and repair any Chromebook issues.  Through the first two weeks of school TSI students have already replaced broken screens, repaired internal fan malfunctions, and solved charging issues.   If a student has an issue with their Chromebook, they should bring their Chromebook to the TSI Lab, now known as the Chrome Dome in the LRC before periods 1, 2, 4/6, 7/8, or 10.  If the problem cannot be immediately resolved, they will be issued a loaner until the Chromebook is repaired or replaced.

    We are excited about offering this service to our staff and students as well as the learning experience our students are receiving by being enrolled in TSI.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the field of Computer Support Specialist will grow by 17% by 2022.  We anticipate some of our students will pursue this field, and when they do we’ll be proud they got their start in the Information & Technology Division at West Chicago Community High School!