Track and Field - 2014

  • Welcome! Following a tradition of quality athletes and sportsmanship, the West Chicago Boy's Track team is going strong and competing with the best that Illinois has to offer! This website contains information about the team and its activities.

    A detailed practice/meet schedule lists team practice times and locations. Remember to check calendar on a regular basis as our schedule changes often. If you have any questions, contact Coach Paul McLeland at (630) 876-6478 or email

    Our fundraiser has been kicked off. You can help and support our team by ordering cookie dough (disks not tubs) for $18 (48 cookies). 40% goes to us. If an athlete does not ask you, contact me and I will hook you up. It runs until the 27th of February. We are hoping to raise money for track equipment and clothes for the guys to represent the team. Thanks in advance. Delivery will be on Wednesday, March 26th.

    This season is dedicated to the memory of Dan Horyn and the legacy he made at West Chicago as an athlete and at Niles North as a teacher and coach. You have heard the term, "No I in team". At Dan's funeral the priest reminded us all that, "there is no Q in Dan Horyn". Q meaning no quit in him. He battled cancer as he battled life, with a great attitude and never giving in.

    How good do you want to be !!!!