• Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Educational Foundation part of Community High School District 94?
    The Educational Foundation is independent from the School District but works closely with the Board of Education and District 94.
    What kinds of programs does the Foundation fund?
    All programs that benefit WCCHS students are considered for financial support. Currently these programs include the maintenance of fully equipped technology labs; making computers available to students who do not have access at home; scholarships for summer school; green-space for physical education and health classes; leadership retreats and anti-drug programs. The program list grows to reflect needs as they are identified.
    What is the criteria for deciding which programs are funded?
    Proposals initiated by teachers and administrators for the benefit of WCCHS students are reviewed by the Educational Foundation board members. Those which best meet the Foundation's objectives will be recommended for funding and implementation.
    Are gifts to the Educational Foundation tax deductible?
    Yes, gifts donated to the Educational Foundation are tax-deductible. Checks may be made payable to: CHSD 94 Educational Foundation, Inc.
    Mail to:
    Community High School D 94
    c/o Educational Foundation
    326 Joliet Street
    West Chicago, IL 60185