Election 2016: Who should govern?

Preparation:  Not sure which presidential candidate is a good match for you?  
Use the links below to take on-line surveys to find the best matches.  Take at least two surveys to confirm your results. Record and take notes on your results.
Research your choices : use the links below to see which candidates are right for you!
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
Step One:  Figure out which congressional district you live in following the steps 
 1. You will need to find out your nine digit zip code. If you do not know it, use this link to the US post office to find out.

2. Next, fill in your nine digit zip code on the Common Cause OR Project Vote Smart website in the box provided.

3. Finally, click the prompt in the middle of the page that says "Current Officials".  Note the Congressional district listed for your current member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Step Two:  Use the links below to research the candidates for your congressional district. 
  Statewide Referendum
Illinois Tollway Lockbox:  

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