• Language Arts Division
    As students select courses, they are encouraged to enroll in the most rigorous course possible to best prepare for college and career. Ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades choose a full-year course:
    Course Progression
    English 1 Global Studies   English 1 Honors
    English 2 World Studies English 2 Enriched English 2 Honors
    English 3 American Studies English 3 Enriched AP Language and Composition
    Seniors elect a full year course - British and World Literature or Advanced Placement Literature and Composition - or choose from a variety of semester-long electives: Creative Writing, Critical Reading, Media and Literature, or Writer's Workshop.
    In addition to these core courses, students may also choose electives in broadcast, drama, journalism, and/or speech. Moreover, students are encouraged to reenroll in Advanced Drama, Journalism Production, and Speech if they have great interest in exploring these areas in college or professionally. (Creative Writing may also be taken in addition to senior core courses as an elective.)
    You may contact teachers of electives directly with questions:


    Broadcast Productions

    Dave Jennings


    Creative Writing

    Tara Deleon




    Mark Begovich



    Laura Kuehn



    Paul Lichy