SAT Prep at Community High School District 94

Other ACT, PSAT/NMSQT and SAT Prep Opportunities

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    ACT: Saturday, October 5th 9:30-1:30pm
    SAT: Saturday, Oct 12th 9:30-1:30pm


    In addition to the formal preparation options offered at Community High School, here are some other opportunities for test preparation. Be sure to check back often, as this information is updated rather frequently.

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    PSAT Prep Live

    Free help is here for the PSAT. Students can head to our PSAT Prep Live page and sign up for quizzes and a practice test to start studying now, and they can also register for the PSAT Prep Live sessions they want to attend. Every session is free and taught live online by a Kaplan expert.

    Free PSAT prep


    NIU SAT/ACT Test Prep Opportunities:

    The Northern Illinois University fall SAT and ACT Test Preparation program provides individualized attention in a small classroom setting and offers students a chance to prepare themselves for the SAT or ACT test. NIU’s SAT program covers writing and language arts, reading, and math and the ACT program covers reading and science reasoning, math and English. 

    Enrollment is limited and registration is now open. More details and registration can be found at 

    Classes will be held on campus in Graham Hall. NIU parking is free on Sundays but students must not park in spaces marked “Reserved at all times.”

    SAT instructors include Lance Vobornik, an experienced Mathematics instructor at NIU with a master’s degree in applied mathematics, and Melissa Craig, an experienced language arts teacher at St. Thomas More School.

    Fall 2018 SAT Test Preparation Schedule:

    Fall Session  (Sundays)

    October 7   – Pre-test
    October 14 – Writing and language arts
    October 21 – Reading
    October 28 – Math (calculator and no calculator)
    November 4    – Post-test

    Fall 2018 ACT Test Preparation Schedule:

    Fall Session (Sundays)

    November 11   – Pre-test
    November 18 – Writing and language arts
    November 25 – Reading
    December 2 – Math (calculator and no calculator)
    December 9     – Post-test

    Cost is $275 ($299 after September 28 for SAT and $299 after November 5 for ACT) which includes instruction, book, website access, and retired SAT/ACT tests. It does not include registration to take the actual SAT/ACT test.

    There is also a self-guided online ACT or SAT Test Prep that provides five months access for students that is always available for $275.

    For more information, contact NIU Continuing and Professional Education at 815-753-5200 or


    American School ACT and SAT Prep

    The American School is excited to announce that they have become an affiliate of Method Test Prep, a company that has specialized in online standardized test preparation for more than a decade. Under this arrangement, Method Test Prep will be responsible for all course content and billing, and their customer service team will answer any and all questions from American School students.
    Method Test Prep offers a FREE two-week trial of their ACT/SAT prep courses. If students wish to continue after that time, they pay on a monthly basis, either $39.95 per month for one course, or $59.95 per month for both courses. This pricing system ensures that you will receive high-quality test preparation for only the amount of time you need it.
    Method Test Prep presents students with a simple checklist that is composed of 15-minute tasks, so students can study where and when it's convenient for them, even if they are on the go or have a limited amount of time. Although the entire course is designed to be taken over a period of 20 weeks, students have flexibility in choosing what parts of the course to take.
    Here is what else you can expect from Method Test Prep:
       Access to strategy guides for each test
       Complete full-length practice tests
       Hundreds of practice questions
       Practice quizzes to boost knowledge
       Immediate feedback on every question
       Audio and video explanations of test questions
       Easy-to-understand explanations to every question
       Tracking methods for strengths and weaknesses on each test
       Valuable test-taking tips
       Access to courses on an unlimited, 24/7 basis
    Click here to enroll today! 

    BenchPrep - ACT, AP & SAT Exam Courses

    BenchPrep is an award-winning learning platform that offers adaptive test prep courses in partnership with the world's best educational publishers. More than 500,000 students have used BenchPrep to attain their educational goals. Students see an average of 16% score improvement. BenchPrep's ACT, AP & SAT Exam courses are comprehensive test prep courses that adapt to every student's preferences using a proprietary adaptive learning technology. These courses are designed for self-study and are available on your computer, iPhone, iPad and android.
    For more information on BenchPrep's programs, visit their website at

    Varsity Tutors - The World's Largest, Free ACT, AP and SAT Practice Website

    Varsity Learning Tools has created the world's most comprehensive, free ACT and SAT diagnostic and practice test website. Between the two exams, they have created 16 diagnostics, 686 practice tests, thousands of flashcards and questions of the day. All of the content is free and they have powerful technology that allows students to track their progress over time and manage study groups. 

    Free ACT resources 

    Free SAT resources

    All 120 subjects (including AP exam prep)