Social Workers

  • To the right you will find listed the Social Workers at Community High School District 94.  Social Workers are assigned to different Problem-Solving Intervention Teams which are composed of a Director, a Counselor, a Dean, a Nurse and a School Psychologist.  
    The Social Workers concentrate on the social-emotional development of students.  They can provide crisis intervention, short-term individual and group counseling in addition to providing referrals to outside agencies for more specialized treatment.
    Who is MY Social Worker? 
    You can tell by looking at your student ID or your schedule. In each place, you will find a capital letter that identifies your Social Worker.
    "A" = Mr. Jeff Anderson
    "B" = Mr. Bill Bautista
    "H" = Mrs. Janet Hurtado
  • David Pater
    Director of Student Services
    (630) 876-6307 
    Jeffery Anderson, MSW
    School Social Worker - bilingual
    (630) 876-6526
    Bill Bautista, LCSW
    School Social Worker - bilingual
    (630) 876-6276
    Janet Hurtado, MSW
    School Social Worker- bilingual
    (630) 876-6275
    Kaitlin Flanigan, MSW
    School Social Worker
    (630) 876-6274