Business Professionals of America

  • What is BPA?

    Business Professionals of America is a nonprofit educational association of students preparing for careers in business management, information technology, finance, office administration, and other business related career fields.

    What does BPA do?

    BPA's goals are to:

    • Promote competent, aggressive business leadership
    • Understand American business enterprise
    • Establish career goals
    • Encourage scholarship
    • Promote sound financial management
    • Develop character and self-confidence
    • Facilitate transition from school to work

    How does BPA benefit students?

    • Learn more about business careers
    • Establish occupational goals
    • Get firsthand experience with business people
    • Practice effective money management
    • Learn the value of community responsibility
    • Get on-the-job training in a wide range of businesses
    • Activities, including planning, fundraising, conducting meetings, and managing finances, time, and resources
    • And it's fun!


    Donna Durbin, 
    Mia Wirth,