• Curious about other cultures? Love languages?
    Want to see the world?
    To open yourself to these opportunities and more, take French next year!

    In French class, you will learn real language skills that will allow you to communicate with native French speakers and your friends here in West Chicago! In addition to building language skills, we learn about the music, movies, literature, fashion, food and more of French-speaking countries around the world! And in French class, if you work hard, you get to play hard…maybe while making crepes, creating a work of art or taking the ultimate field trip on our exchange program in France. Every year, French students have a chance to either travel to France or host visiting students from Grenoble. It’s an incredible opportunity to use what you’ve learned and expand your horizons. Join us on the French adventure!!

    Top Ten reasons to learn French!

    1) Knowing French will allow you not only to function but to compete effectively in the global economy of the future.

    2) Speaking French will increase your job and salary potential.

    3) Studying French increases your appreciation for other cultures.

    4) French opens up an entire world of sporting events to enthusiasts.

    5) Knowing French will improve your vocabulary in English.

    6) Learning a new language like French develops your critical and creative thinking skills.

    7) Proficiency in French will significantly improve your chances of being accepted to a university and graduate school.

    8) Using French enhances your travel abroad to Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa.

    9) French is the language of culture, opening your door to art, music, dance, fashion cuisine and cinema.

    10) French is the language of many great literary masterpieces.

French Levels 1-4