The STAR/GO/Credit Recovery program is a regular education placement which follows the Community High School District 94 course curriculum. Supplemental materials that have been purchased from the University of Nebraska Independent High School Study Program, American Guidance Services, Perfection Learning, as well as other outside resources are used. STAR offers all core courses as well as electives needed for graduation. Each course is worth .5 credit. Students are required to complete the entire course in order to earn course credit. Students are expected to make progress throughout the semester. Classes are taught on an individualized independent study basis. Direct one to one teacher instruction is provided as well as access to all CHS Dist. 94 resources. Parental involvement is welcomed and strongly encouraged.
    Computer based learning at a guided pace.  NovaNet materials assist students in recovering lost credit due to academic failure. 
  • Marianne Melvin
    STAR/GO Program/Credit Recovery
    Program Coordinator
    (630) 876-6256
    Olga Trofimova
    STAR Program/Credit Recovery
    Program Assistant
    (630) 876-6329