About Us

  •  Incorporated as a not for profit organization in 1978, the Wildcat Booster Club has a long tradition of supporting CHS activities, clubs, and sports.  We serve the ENTIRE school and work directly with staff and administration to promote unity, camaraderie, sportsmanship, and encourage school and community spirit for CHS D94 extracurricular activities.   Our funding comes primarily from membership dues, donations, concessions, and sales of spiritwear clothing, yard signs, and commemorative wall tiles.  See the source of funding in 2012-2013. We grant monies to CHS student activities, clubs, and sports to help pay for transportation to events, uniforms, equipment, and school displays.  Distribution of funds is decided by membership vote in accordance with our bylaws.  See how funds were distributed in 2012-2013.  We also honor students participating in the same CHS club or sport for all four years, provide Homecoming Dance refreshments, host an end of year BBQ for seniors, show our appreciation for staff with a breakfast, and try our best to accommodate any other request from CHS that serves our mission statement.

    Become part of the tradition.  All parents, staff and administration of D94 are invited to join.  Membership can be completed online at the D94 Webstore or by mail using the form available from this site.  As a 501(c)3 public charity, we are subject to strict IRS rules and regulations, and you can be certain that your membership dues and donations are 100% tax deductible.  Contact us at wegoboosters@d94.org with any questions.
    Executive Board 
    President - Bob Szulczewski
    Vice President - Thera Pischetola
    Secretary - Helene Kapetaneas
    Commemorative Tiles - Scott Turney
    Football Parking - Thera Pischetola
    Four Year Awards -  
    Holiday Bazaar - 
    Homecoming Refreshment
    Indoor Concessions -
    Outdoor Concessions - Harry Lally 
    Senior BBQ
    Spaghetti Dinner - Helene Kapetaneas  
    Spiritwear - Tracey Wasserstrom Mary Lisching
    Staff Appreciation
    Yard Signs - Tracey Wasserstrom  Mary Lisching