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    Breakfast and Lunch:  Similar to last school year, our free WeGo meals will be listed as the WILDCAT Specials of the day, available in each serving line. WILDCAT Specials served for breakfast and lunch will be provided at no cost to students/families.  Students will have a wide variety of nutritious meal options at no charge.  There will also be select menu items and a la carte options available for students to purchase. 

    West Chicago High School has utilized Quest Management Services as our food service provider for many years.   To read more about the Quest Food Philosophy, click here:  Quest Food Philosophy

    Mealtime Online 
    Quest Management Services utilizes Mealtime Online to manage cafeteria accounts.  Visit the Mealtime Online website to create a profile, make deposits, view account balances, set up low balance notifications, and view transaction details.  Register now for your Free Account. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Are meals free?
      • Yes! West Chicago High School is offering free breakfasts and lunches to all students.
    • How can I purchase food in the cafeteria?
      • Select menu items and A La Carte items can be purchased using cash or student ID, if money has been added to the account.
    • How do I add funds to my cafeteria account?
      • By using the Mealtime website, deposits can be made online to your cafeteria account.  Money can be added as often as necessary.
    • How do I know how much money I have on my cafeteria account?
      • Through the Mealtime website, a selection can be made to receive an email notification when the balance falls below a selected dollar threshold.
    • Can I use a credit card at the register?
      • No, but you can use My Mealtime to put money on your ID to be used at the register.  Please allow one business day for this transaction. 
    • What happens if I have money left over on my ID at the end of the year?
      • Any money left on account will be refunded at the end of  the year.  


    Contact Info

    • District - Director of Business Services - Dan Oberg 630-876-6220
    • School - Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services - Janette Hernandez 630-876-6310
    • School - Director of Student Services - Len Egan 630-876-6307