• WeGo Places Wildcat Podcasts

    This podcast is inspired by our alumni Wildcats who embody the spirit of "following their bliss." Each episode explores the unique path these graduates took to find their success and leave the listener with pearls of wisdom they learned along the way. 

    Do you want to be a guest or know of an alum that would be perfect for the podcast? 
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Graduate Name Link to Podcast Class of Profession
Cadena, Dan http://www.d94.org/PodcastD.Cadena 1993 Special Education Paraprofessional/Coach
Sosnowski, Joe http://www.d94.org/PodcastJ.Sosnowski 1995 IL State Representative
Villa, Karina http://www.d94.org/PodcastK.Villa 1996 IL State Representative
Johnson, Kirk W. http://www.d94.org/PodcastK.Johnson 1998 Founder of the List Project/Best Selling Author
Swanner, Joshua http://www.d94.org/PodcastJ.Swanner 2001 Principal at Greeley Elementary
Moguel, Rachel http://www.d94.org/PodcastR.Moguel 2003 Immigration Attorney
Camp, Rick http://www.d94.org/PodcastR.Camp 2004 Sports Ratio Producer/Host
Higdon, Nils http://www.d94.org/PodcastN.Higdon 2004 Percussionist/Teacher
Lojo, Corrine Koeppen http://www.d94.org/PodcastC.Lojo 2004 Public Defender
Weier, Amanda LaMonica http://www.d94.org/PodcastA.Weier 2004 Doctor of Nurse Practice
Winter, Bill http://www.d94.org/PodcastB.Winter 2004 International Artist
Bonarek, Becky http://www.d94.org/PodcastB.Bonarek 2005 Lecturer at the Tutorium in Intensive English
Dalton, Meghan http://www.d94.org/PodcastM.Dalton 2005 Senior Counsel
Hernandez, Erik http://www.d94.org/PodcastE.Hernandez 2005 Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Jensen, Derek http://www.d94.org/PodcastD.Jensen 2005 Co-Owner/Executive Director/Coach MOD Volleyball
Monroe, Austin http://www.d94.org/PodcastA.Monroe 2005 Partner and Lawyer
Vodicka, Lora http://www.d94.org/PodcastL.Vodicka 2006 Artistic Director/Owner at Innovation Arts Connection
Kulie, Paige http://www.d94.org/PodcastP.Kulie 2007 Senior Research Associate/Health Policy Doctoral Student
McLeland, Kathryn http://www.d94.org/PodcastK.McLeland 2007 Doctor of Physical Therapy
Mederich, Keri http://www.d94.org/PodcastK.Mederich 2007 Senior Deputy Coroner/Autopsy Technician
Rico, Alex http://www.d94.org/PodcastA.Rico 2007 Global Category Manager
Schultz, Ryan http://www.d94.org/PodcastR.Schultz 2007 Qualified Mental Health Professional
Thomas, David http://www.d94.org/PodcastD.Thomas 2007 Legal News Reporter at Reuters
Leffler, Thomas http://www.d94.org/PodcastT.Leffler 2008 PHD Student-Environmental Studies
Luka, Neil http://www.d94.org/PodcastN.Luka 2008 Helicopter News Photographer