Music Department

The Music Department offers opportunities for students to pursue music in Band, Orchestra, Choir, Guitar, Theory, and Technology.  Whether you have music background or are coming to the department without any music experience, there is a course for you.  Additionally, there are extracurricular opportunities in Music through musicals, Jazz Band, and Marching Band.  This website has further information on our classes as well as other opportunities.
Research shows that students who study music develop more of their brain, leading to increased ability to work on multi-step complex problems and aids language development.
Mr. Govertsen, Ms. Wojciechowski, Mr. Fantozzi
Lisa Willuweit
Humanities Division Head
(630) 876-6450  
Brandon Fantozzi
Choir Director
(630) 876-6492
Stephen Govertsen
Band Director
(630) 876-6490
Alexandra Wojciechowski
Orchestra Director
(630) 876-6491 
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