Language Arts

Required Summer Reading 2017 

ALL West Chicago Community High School students are required to participate in summer reading. The English faculty promotes summer reading for a number of reasons:
  1. Wildcats are readers!
  2. Reading is exciting when you find the right book! We want you to say, “I’m a reader!”
  3. If students do not read over the summer, (ideally a minimum of six books), “summer slide” can occur and the student will lose the reading gains made during the school year.
Fall English classes will include activities and writing based on these summer books. To find what book(s) are required by incoming grade level, see below. You can click on each graphic to view a printable PDF. 
Summer Reading Frosh-Soph       Summer Reading Jr Sr
Mary Howard
Division Chair
(630) 876-6363 
Shannon Atkian-Sanchez
English 1 Team
(630) 876-6351 
Mark Begovich
Honors and Senior Teams
(630) 876-6357
Amanda Cordes
English 2 and Senior Teams
(630) 876-6366

Jen Culbertson

English 1Team

(630) 876-6364 
Jamie Culen
Enriched English Teams 
(630) 876-6355
Tara Deleon
English 2 and Senior Teams
(630) 876-6356
Kyle Etheridge
English 2 and Enriched Teams
 (630) 876-6353
Mary Fremeau
English 1 Team
(630) 876-6362
Dave Jennings
Enriched English and Senior Teams
(630) 876-6313
Erik Kearney 
English 3 and Honors Teams
(630) 876-6352
Laura Kuehn
English 3 and Senior Teams
Journalism Production
(630) 876-6360
Brad Larson
Senior Team
(630) 876-6361
Paul Lichy
English 3 and Senior Teams
(630) 876-6359
Nicole Osborne
Honors Team
(630) 876-6365
Lauren Stewart
English 1 and Honors Team
(630) 876-6350
Brian Turnbaugh
Honors and Studies Teams
(630) 876-6593
Katie Wood
Honors and Studies Teams
(630) 876-6354
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